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who we are
Tashollie Textile Recycling has developed a radical and innovative concept in terms of textile recycling. We now buy direct from you, and pay you cash for your unwanted used clothes. We are now in our fourth year of running the scheme and have been so successful we are processing over 500 tonnes of recycled clothing a year.
Tashollie Textile Recycling have achieved this phenomenal growth by offering the customer a better service than they expected.

Tashollie Textile Recycling never say “that’s good enough”, our belief is we can always do better. We realised that not every individual would find a “9am–5pm, Mon–Fri” collection suitable, so Tashollie Textile Recycling now offer early evening and Saturday collections.

Tashollie Textile Recycling pay the top price for your used clean and re-wearable clothing and (paired) shoes, we weigh the clothing using calibrated digital scales and pay you cash. It’s quick and easy, no lugging the clothes and queuing at the local recycling centre, or taking them to the supermarket car park clothing bank only to find it overflowing or jammed. Make one simple call, arrange a time and date and we will collect the clothes and pay you cash.


Named after my two children Natasha and Oliver